Individual Art Therapy Sessions

Art Studio - $80/1 hr

Outreach - $120/1 hr

Everyone can benefit from the effectiveness of art therapy. People facing loss, trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction have found relief and courage through sessions. Working on a one to one basis can allow for deeper therapeutic work for people who may not be comfortable in groups.



Group Art Therapy Sessions (max. 6 people) 

Art Studio-$160/1 hr

Outreach-$200/1 hr

Groups are a beneficial way to instill hope in each of the members by providing them a safe space to feel a sense of support while relating with others through witnessing their stories of overcoming or solving problems. Art therapy groups also offer members an opportunity to interact and engage at their own comfort level regardless of verbal communication skills while sharing art surrounded by others who share similar problems, uncertainties, fears, thus helping to reduce feelings of isolation.

Group work also provides individual members with a safe space to release and express feelings while contained in a supportive environment helping to overcome traumatic experiences with verbal and non-verbal interactions. Finally, group work can provide a sense of altruism where members heal through helping others as well as being helped personally by other group members.



Art Therapy Workshops 

Art Studio - $160/1 hr 

Outreach - $200/1 hr

 In art workshop, individuals can learn art techniques, and explore thoughts, feelings and ideas through the visual arts in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. No special art training or skills on the part of the participants are needed. It is through the process of the art-making that personal creative expression evolves. Sessions can be tailored for a specific group, for example: chronic Illness group, women’s group, refugee/immigrant group, creative processes, stress reduction, and team building. 







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